Consumer First Legal Network offers a service called Litigation Support. It is an answer to summons or complaint that aids in the negotiation process. CFLN offers this helpful service directly to consumers as well as to Debt Negotiation Companies who seek to improve their performance.

CFLN’s Litigation Support service can aid in resolving problem debt by having an attorney in the consumer’s state of residence review the summons or complaint and then prepare a pro se answer. The attorney also personally speaks with the consumer to give instructions and to answer questions.

While the Litigation Support service is being performed, the consumer or debt negotiation company can continue to attempt to resolve the debt through a settlement or arrangement on the full balance.

By answering the summons, the consumer avoids default judgment and buys themselves the critical time needed to continue to raise the additional funds necessary to resolve the debt. This also affords a debt negotiator more time to negotiate with the creditor. The Litigation Support Service provides an excellent tool to aid in the negotiation process.


The attorney phone call to the client also provides the valuable service of instilling confidence and lowering the fear that comes with being served a summons. The attorney is there to answer questions and to be supportive.

If you are a consumer interested in the service or are a Debt Negotiation Company interested in adding the service to your program, give us a call.

For additional information, please call us today at (608) 492-2265.