How We Charge

Our services are priced to be very affordable and competitive. At CFLN we believe that we should earn our keep as we go, unlike many firms who require non-refundable retainer fees up-front and then charge on-going fees. Our complete fee schedule is available for review and will be contained in our agreement if you become our client.

The CFLN debt negotiation model sets itself apart from and above the typical non-attorney debt negotiation model.

Unlike typical non-attorney debt negotiation companies, CFLN clients are assigned an attorney who is licensed in their state of residence. The attorney is available to speak with the client and monitor the client's progress throughout their time with CFLN.

Clients pay NO up-front cost for their Assigned Attorney

CFLN offers a no-advance-fee debt negotiation program to consumers who struggle with credit card debt. This means that new clients speak with an attorney, can ask questions and have their assigned attorney's attention until the day that they graduate from the CFLN Debt Negotiation Program. Simply put, CFLN does not charge the client any fees until CFLN reduces the balance of a client's debt. If CFLN doesn't deliver results, it doesn't get paid. Traditional debt negotiation companies do not offer the layer of expertise that puts CFLN on another level.

SAS (Secure Account Service Dedicated Account)

With any of our services CFLN will never handle, hold or collect money from you. It is our policy and belief that you should be in control of your funds at all times. To accomplish this, we use a third party company to handle all transactions which allows our clients to have the control and transparency that they deserve. All clients make payment through their secure dedicated account at Secure Account Services.

To discuss any issues involving your dedicated account and monthly deposit, you may contact SAS directly. You may contact SAS if you need to change or schedule draft dates and amounts. You can also call SAS to provide permission to accept a settlement and to pay a creditor.
Hours of operation: 9-5 (Arizona) Mon-Fri
Toll Free: 877-505-5510
Fax: 928-505-5540
Email: customer
If mailing payments, mail to:
Secure Account Service
PO BOX 1110
Lake Havasu, AZ 86405

SAS will send you an email containing your login credentials to access your dedicated account via the SAS website upon acceptance.