Consumer First Legal Network: Debt Settlement Affiliate Program

Consumer First Legal Network Affiliate Program –
How you can earn money by helping others get out of debt

We are looking for ethical, honest affiliate marketers to bring clients to Consumer First Legal Network. If you would you like to increase your earnings by helping others straighten out their financial lives, read on to get an understanding of what makes the Consumer First Legal Network debt negotiation model superior to others.

If you are interested in being an Affiliate to a Debt Negotiation company or law firm, you must be aware of these important points when choosing who you will partner with;

From a sales perspective, the Consumer First Legal Network model is the cleanest and easiest model to market.
  • Consumer First Legal Network Clients pay nothing up-front and pay no monthly fees to the law firm for debt negotiation. Many Debt negotiation law firms typically charge an enrollment fee in addition to other fees. If a consumer is shopping around, this is a strong selling point to make. Less money going toward fees means more money going toward resolving debt.
  • Performance based fees; Consumer First Legal Network earns legal fee only when each settlement is made with each creditor. Clients do not pay CFLN until CFLN performs. Consumer First Legal Network is motivated to get the best settlements possible as quickly as possible.
  • Local Attorney involvement; Consumer First Legal Network clients are assigned an attorney that reviews their program details, talks to the client, informs and answers questions, then continues to review the client program on a monthly basis until the client graduates. Non-attorney debt negotiation companies are not able to provide this level of attention. This is another strong selling point.
  • Retention; The policies of Consumer First Legal Network help to increase client retention and generate fees more quickly. The combination of no-upfront fees, no monthly fees, a low price-point and the policy of encouraging the consumer to make a higher monthly payment all contribute to faster settlements, permitting the client to see results more quickly. Earlier success encourages the client to be more enthusiastic and to remain in the program through completion.
The Consumer First Legal Network debt negotiation model sets itself apart and above the typical non-attorney debt negotiation model
Unlike typical non-attorney debt negotiation companies, each client of Consumer First Legal Network is assigned an attorney licensed in their state of residence. The attorney is available to discuss the program with the client, advise the client and monitor the client's progress throughout the entire process.

Clients pay NO up-front cost for their Assigned Attorney

The program strives to assist consumers who struggle with credit card debt by allowing them to enroll with no advance fees for the attorney consultation. Each client maintains the attorney's attention until the day that they graduate from the Consumer First Legal Network Debt Negotiation Program. Traditional debt negotiation companies do not offer this level of expertise. Again, Consumer First Legal Network does not charge the client any fees until Consumer First Legal Network reduces the balance of a client's debt; if Consumer First Legal Network doesn't deliver results, it doesn't get paid.

How can you become involved?

If you are in an industry in which you meet people who may benefit from our help, you can become an Affiliate or Referring Partner. Referring professionals include accountants, attorneys and financial planners who refer a few clients per month. Other affiliates are telemarketing call centers, credit repair companies, student loan consolidation companies and existing debt negotiation companies. Consumer First Legal Network may be able to help existing debt negotiation companies enroll clients in states where they otherwise could not.

Whatever your situation, Consumer First Legal Network will get to know a little about your current operations, small or large, and will discuss with you the ways that you can increase your earnings by helping people get out of debt. You do not need extensive knowledge in what we do; your level of involvement may be limited to simply referring people to us or you can enroll them yourself. We will be happy to train and coach you.

Reputation; you can be confident of the positive reflection on yourself.

We know how important it is for a professional to protect the reputation it has earned. Referring clients to another company is a valid concern if the company is not reputable and ethically operated. You can be confident in aligning yourself with Consumer First Legal Network and its debt negotiation service:
  • We only accept qualified clients; if the service will not effectively serve the consumer or doesn't make sense in their situation, Consumer First Legal Network will not accept them into the program.
  • A well-informed client is the best client; all clients are given full information about the benefits to them, not just fluffy sales points.
  • Consumer First Legal Network employs high standards of quality control. We record and monitor calls to ensure that communications are accurate and comply with our high standards.
  • Our fees are reasonable; we will not charge or accept any up-front fees and there are no monthly maintenance fees. If we don't save our client's money we don't expect to be paid. We are performance driven which equates into a consumer friendly service.
  • We never directly handle or take control of a client's funds; clients are in charge and in possession of their money at all times.
For more information on how you can become involved, please contact Affiliate Relations Manager Dan Matthews at 484-429-9130 or email him at with any questions. Dan will be happy to share our thoughts about this program and how it may benefit you and your clients.